Rokkasen Yakiniku – All-you-can-eat Japanese BBQ in Shinjuku

I was quite looking forward to Rokkasen, the quintessential of all-you-can-eat Japanese yakiniku (BBQ meat) among Thais looking to clog their veins with unlimited amount of well-marbled wagyu (which can be literally translated in English as ‘Japanese beef’). My Thai friend, who recommended that I pay a visit to the restaurant, has warned me that the place would be swarmed by Thais, and I was not disappointed, having heard joyful shouts and dialogues in Thai the minute I arrived at the front of the restaurant. It was packed even at 9pm. Luckily. we made a reservation for a table and was quickly ushered into the reserved table.

Soon, I was presented with an English menu, and ordered the 90-minute all-you-can-eat course for 12,500¥. The waiter then told me that the clock had just started ticking.

IMG_9167     IMG_9179



IMG_9176   IMG_9174IMG_9180

The 90 minutes that followed were a whirlwind of taste, smell, and emotion. I finished the meal completely filled to the throat, but cannot help but to feel a little bit disappointed. While the quality of meat was excellent (as the pictures have shown), I thought I would have enjoyed it much more had I eaten less and had I given, myself more time to appreciate the sublime taste and texture of each bite. Moreover, at the price, one would have to eat 3 or 4 times the amount I was able to consume within the 90-minute window to break even. There it dawned on me that the next time I have wagyu for dinner, it would be a-la-carte, and I would eat it slowly to fully appreciate.


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